Saturday 10 November 2012

The Saturday List #22 - How I will spend my lottery winnings

In about five minutes, I am going to go down the road and buy a lottery ticket. Tonight I am going to win the jackpot. If the amount is £2.5 million pounds, this is what I will spend it on.

For each of my close family and friends, I will give them £7,000 each. This is the amount you can give without incurring tax. I will follow my Dads advice and give them enough to do something they will really enjoy, but not enough to make them lazy. As to my friends, the ones who would get the dosh are the ones who've stood by me through thick and thin.

For the commercial, business and charity, I will give each of the charities I am associated with £50,000. I will completely refurbish the older studio buildings at Mill Hill Music Complex and I will set up the Barnet Eye as a proper online magazine, with reporters and staff. They will all be people who are in one of the following criteria

1. NEET youngsters
2. People with disabalities
3. People with a passion for social justice.

The first person I will employ (assuming she would actually do it) would be Vicki Morris (of the Citizen Barnet blog) as editor. Of all the people in Barnet, I would trust Vicki to do the right thing editorially. I would employ Charles Honderick to make the film we could have made about Barnet, if we had a proper budget and state of the art equipment.

I'd buy Friern Library and put it into a proper trust, so that we couldn never have the situation again where a greedy council shits on the people of Barnet. I'd have a reversion clause, so that if the people of Barnet decided they no longer wanted a library, then my family or descendents would get it back. That would stop greedy buggers going for a land grab.

As for my luxuries, these are pretty self explanatory. The party I would have, would be the party I always wanted to have. I'd get my mate Boz Boorer to put together a band featuring Paul Cook and Steve Jones, with Lee Thompson of Madness on sax. I'd get up and jam "God Save the Queen" with them.

I've always wanted a property with a view of the sea and Brighton is my favourite seaside place in the world. It is as British as it can be.

The Saturday List

Gifts Number Amount Total
Brothers & Sisters 6 7,000 42000
Nephews & nieces 18 7,000 126000
Children 3 7,000 21000
In laws 2 7,000 14000
Staff 9 7,000 63000
Friends 16 7,000 112000

commercial, business and charity

Studio refit  1 200,000 200000
Share Foundation 1 50,000 50000
The Passage 1 50,000 50000
Donation to HCPT 1 50,000 50000
Buy Friern Barnet Library for community 1 430,000 430000
Make a film about Barnet with a proper budget 1 30,000 30000
Set up foundation to make the Barnet Eye blog
into a commercially successful online magazine with staff
1 500,000 500000


Studio flat in Brighton 1 700,000 700000
Aston Martin DB6 1 40,000 40000
Family Holiday in Australia 1 20,000 20000
Redecorate the House 1 30,000 30000
Slap up Night out for all friends and familty 1 10,000 10000
Trip to see Steve Miller band in Las Vegas 1 2,000 2000
Get Married in the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas 1 10,000 10000


Now all I have to do is win.


caroline said...

Your bro in law thinks you are mean for 2 reasons: (a) you are giving away money you don't have and (b) he isn't included!

baarnett said...

I wonder if George Osborne day-dreams in a similar manner, what he will do with the £35-billion he has just arranged to transfer from the Bank of England piggy-bank, to the Treasury piggy-bank.

It is all so convenient, just before he would had to admit to failure in his autumn statement.

Morris Hickey said...

You have no chance Rog - you don't have my ticket.