Friday, 2 November 2012

The demise of Danny Baker on BBC London 94.9

Yesterday award winning BBC London 94.9 DJ Danny Baker found out that his services were being dispensed with by BBC London. The BBC apparently didn't actually tell him. He was furious and when he confronted the BBC he was asked to keep it quiet. He didn't. Anyone who heard his show yesterday will know that it was one of the truly great British radio moments. I urge every reader of this blog to have a listen to two hours of ranting against the bean counters - - brilliant stuff.

I was driving to Cafe Buzz for the screening of Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble as Danny said his final words on the 3pm-5pm show. I cannot believe that the BBC could be so stupid as to cast away such a talent. Shame on them.

Please sign the petition to keep Danny Baker on afternoon radio - - We need more people, not less who actually have something interesting to say. I am biased (being a big Steve Miller Band fan), but the interview Danny Baker did with Steve Miller a couple of weeks ago was the best bit of radio I've heard for years.

What is the point of the BBC if not to supply high quality broadcasting that says something different. As a musician, a writer and a film maker, I like to think I know quality when I hear it, Danny Baker is the best thing on radio (apart possibly from Robert Elms, who's show precedes his). Sadly, I agree with Danny that the beancounters clearly don't give a ****.

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Andy L said...

The best radio host bar none, comes back from death's door, wins awards aplenty, brings warmth, wit, honesty and hilarity to grey old London every single show, and they decide to sack him. Absolutely stunning. Well done the BBC. Another winner!