Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Saturday List #23 - Barnet in the spotlight

As ever, the London Borough of Bonkers Barnet has been in the media spotlight. As the ship of fools sails ever more determinedly towards the edge of the world |(yup, didn't you know that the Earth really is flat), I thought it may be interesting to list all of the media stories about One Barnet in this weeks media.

I have said many times that the One Barnet Bidders, BT, Capita and EC Harris should be aware that the London Borough of Barnet is the place where more people working in Newspapers, televison and media live than any othe place in the country. All of this media activity in One week, when nothing has actually gone wrong yet. Whilst the bidders may make a pretty penny out of the people of Barnet, they are likely to reap a huge amount of reputational damage.

I'd also remind all of the Council officers working on the project to bear in mind that as every day passes and  ever more media coverage emerges of Barnet, your CV becomes less appealing to other employers. That is why Nick Walkley jumped ship. He saw what was coming and wanted to get another job while he still could.

1. BBC London 94.9 Drivetime with Eddie Nestor

2. The Guardian.

Barnet's 'easyCouncil' plan unravels as more Tories oppose cuts and privatising

London's Barnet council divided over controversial scheme of cuts while outsourcing public services to the private sector
3. The Guardian
4. The Guardian

Outsource to easyCouncil? Not in our name, says Barnet | John Harris

5. The Daily Mirror

The guerrilla library: As cuts close 8 libraries per month, we visit one that rose again

6. The Barnet Press
Worried dad launches legal bid to stop privatisation plans
7. The Barnet Press
Emails show Tories are split over One Barnet outsourcing programme
8. The Barnet Press
Film’s animated opposition to One Barnet

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