Friday, 2 November 2012

Barnet Eye Exclusive - First picture of the New Barnet Council cabinet following last nights emergency reshuffle

The New cabinet l-r -
Daniel Seal - Cabinet member for counting paperclips and other boring tasks
Melvin Cohen- Cabinet member for selling off cemeteries, libraries and other public assetts
Dean Cohen - Cabinet member for fleecing the motorist
Maureen Braun - Cabinet member for sheds and garden overdevelopment
Graham Old - Cabinet member for filing cabinets and dustbins
Andrew Stonglou  - Cabinet member for supplying beds and transportation of the elderly
Richard Cornelius - Leader of the Council
Hugh Rayner - Cabinet member for Property development
Daniel Thomas - Cabinet member for livestock and poultry
Little Robert Rams - Cabinet member for the protection of earwigs
John Hart- Cabinet member responsible for issues with women
Andrew Marshall - Deputy Leader
David Longstaff - Cabinet member for being nice to the plebs
Lisa Rutter - Cabinet member for aerobics, wellbeing and fitness

***** Update ****** Sorry, apologies. It appears our usually reliable inside source in the Barnet Conservative party has not been entirely honest with us and this is not actually the new cabinet. Many apologies for leading our readers up the garden path (yet again).


This post is a Friday Humour post and we ask that no inference at all is drawn from it. The Barnet Eye would like to categorically state that none of the members listed bear any resembelance whatsoever to any of the muppets or share any of their character traits. We wish to apologise to the Muppets, who are a highly respectable, extremely popular and successful group of individuals, with a proven track record of success.

We also wish to apologise for any upset caused to local earrwigs, who may be alarmed at the prospect of having Robert Rams in charge of their interests.

To the best of our knowledge, there was no cabinet reshuffle last night

Full details of the real Barnet Council cabinet and their roles and responsibilities can be found here

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