Monday, 26 November 2012

Racism and Anti Semitism at football matches

Some problems are difficult, some are not. The issue of racist/anti semitic chanting at Football matches is a very simple one to solve. If the referee hears any racist/anti semitic chanting, he should show the section of crowd where it came from a yellow card. If he hears it again, he should show that area of a red card. The match would then be suspended until that whole section of the stadium was cleared. The club who were represented by that section would get a three point deduction.

The message would get through to even the thickest numbskull. Fans not involved would soon realise that such behaviour had consequences and stop. Clubs faced with point deductions would soon wake up to the calamatous damage. It is clear that there is still a problem with a few clubs. This idiotic and offensive behaviour has been tolerated long enough. Lets make this season the last one marred by such ignorance.

In the 1970's football hooliganism was endemic and crowds started to decline. Many people are still wary of taking children to games due to some aspects of behaviour. In the long run it would benefit football to show racism the red card completely.

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