Monday, 5 November 2012

Brian Coleman in court

Today at 10.10am, Councillor Brian Coleman appeared on a charge of assault by beating and driving charges. Coleman entered a plea of not guilty on both counts. His defence is that it was Helen Michael who attacked him after he politely asked her to refrain from taking photographs of him and that he drove off in fear of his life. The Barnet Eye suspects that the CCTV footage and the independent witness statements may prove to be the key in this case. District Judge Deborah Wright allocated four hours for the hearing. She asked Mr Colemans solicitor on what grounds had Mr Coleman got the right to prevent Ms Michael taking pictures. The Barnet Eye was unable to ascertain what the answer to the question was.

 The full hearing will be at 10am on the 6th Feb. Colemans  bail terms were relaxed but he was advised against contacting Helen Michael.

Coleman emerged smiling from the court, accompanied by his solicitor, Nigel Richardson.

Several members of the public from Barnet as well as the no to mobile payment campaign were present in the public gallery.

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Morris Hickey said...

The further delay involved in resolving this matter is outrageous.

I am aware of a recent case in my own borough where a long delay between offence being committed and court hearing the case permitted a scarcely credible defence to be presented on behalf of the defendant councillor.

There was a lot to be said for the principle of nicked today, disposal tomorrow. The present arrangements simply permit a slick lawyer to build up a doubtful defence and grab a fat fee.