Sunday, 4 November 2012

The week ahead in Barnet Politics - W/C 5th November

Monday - 10am Uxbridge Court, Councillor Brian Coleman on trial for Assault and motoring offences

Tuesday - 6pm Hendon Town Hall - vote of no confidence in Leader of Barnet Council
                8pm North Road Community Centre, Screening - Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble

Wednesday - 8pm Hendon Town Hall, Meeting of Barnet Council General Functions commitee
                                (please note that this meeting is highly important as discussing structure of senior execs)

Thursday - 6.30pm Greek Cypriot Centre - BAPS Barnet question time with Richard Cornelius,
                              Alison Moore and Jack Cohen

Friday - 8am - Blogger breakfast at Cafe Buzz - meet your local blogger
A very important week for many people in Barnet, the meeting of the general functions committee is likely to be the most significant although the least publicised. This is because this meeting is discussing the new management structure for One Barnet. If these changes are implemented, it is unlikely that the Council will be able to function properly without a major outsourcing, as there will be no management structure left.

Do our elected representatives realise what they are approving? I doubt it. Interestingly the document does not mention One Barnet, which is why it is being implemented. I suspect that officers are not being as frank with elected representatives as they should be.

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