Thursday, 8 November 2012

The least reasonable man in Barnet?

Mrs Angry, in her blog today,  praises fellow blogger, John Dix calling him the most reasonable man in Barnet for a great post on his blog detailing a plan to save Barnet Council a fortune. John Dix has the business background to back up his claims.

Mr Reasonable is not a member of a trade union and is not a member of a political party. He simply wants to make Barnet a better place. That is not unreasonable is it?

I make no claim to be reasonable or even a nice person. I do however also care about Barnet, being a 'lifer' here. It may be tomorrow or it may be 100 years time, but I fully expect a gravestone here as well. In other words, I have a long term investment here.

Whilst I may not be reasonable or even nice, like everyone else, I believe that we all deserve the best from our council and our councillors. John Dix has offered his services free of charge to Barnet to assist them in reducing their costs. He has done everything in his power to explain the flaws of One Barnet to Councillors, but he hasn't even been given the time of day.
Tonight Richard Cornelius faces the public in a Barnet question time  - 7-9pm, Greek Cypriot Centre, 2 Britannia Road, London N12. Nearest tube: Woodside Park on the Northern Line (High Barnet branch). -  Members of the public are invited and asked to submit questions to Richard. Whilst Richard is a lovely chap, who is very pleasant, under his leadership every argument raised by Mr Reasonable and every other critic has simply been ignored. Now if it was Richards money and his private business, that would be his business. Sadly it isn't it is ours. He is just someone who has been chosen by us to represent us. It isn't his money or his council, it is ours.

As he has thus far completely failed to listen, one may conclude that he may be the least reasonable man in Barnet. Come along tonight to Question Time. Judge for yourself.

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Morris Hickey said...

Over many months much has been written on this blog critical of (among others) Brian Coleman, Richard Cornelius, and Robert Rams. All of them are shown, by most of the comments, to be unreasonable. But only one of them can be the least reasonable. So, Rog, which of them is your nominee for that unenviable title?