Thursday, 1 November 2012

Brian Coleman stabs his colleagues in the back over One Barnet

Today the Barnet Times published a column penned by disgraced Conservative Councillor Brian Coleman.

Coleman goes public on what we've all known for years. One Barnet is a fatally flawed scheme, which has risky and dangerous. What Colemans colleagues will make of his two faced and cynical attempt to salvage some sort of political career, heaven only know.

What I know for a fact is that Brian Coleman was a cabinet member for most of the period when One Barnet was being drawn up. The above clip  features Mr Coleman as a cabinet member stoutly defending the first One Barnet outysourcing contract, which he personally implement. This was to outsource Parking control to NSL. Sadly the improvements he mentions have not materialised and the parking account is £1 million below budget.

He had numerous opportunities to stop this madness but he didn't. He even branded opponents of the One Barnet program "Sad,mad and two old Hags", when Richard Cornelius asked him to respond to a Labour motion asking for a referendum on One Barnet. He it was who installed Mike Freer MP as leader of the Council, who initiated the whole bonkers scheme. This column has proven beyond doubt that Brian Coleman cares about nothing other than his career. The wellbeing of the people of Barnet matters nought to him. He states that Richard Cornelius was seduced by officers who promised fat savings. At least Cornelius believed in the program. It is clear Coleman didn't, but he sat on his hands.

Coleman is right that the process should be abandoned, but anyone who thinks that this admission will in any way excuse Colemans behaviour or past dereliction of duty should seriously consider why Coleman had to be suspended from the Tory party and be up before the beak before he spoke out.

I want no part of his rehabilitation.

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Morris Hickey said...

Damascene conversion perhaps? Or simply his usual perverse self?