Monday, 5 November 2012

The idiots in Barnet seeking to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Let me tell you the two most dangerous words in modern English. They are


So let me tell you what happens in Barnet. Someone emails a load of people to tell them that something important is happening on a certain date and something needs to be done. Someone emails back and suggests a slightly different action, emailing everyone in the list. A third person, takes umbrage at some aspect of the second persons email and sends person number 2 a reply that explains their displeasure. They copy everyone else in, using the "Reply all" button. That is where the trouble starts. 17 emails later, the whole point of the original rather sensible email has been lost and half the people on the original email have asked that they be taken off all emails from the perpetrator. Bad feeling reigns supreme and the offending parties are so keen to justify their behaviour that they just won't let go.

The world is full of people who have ego's bigger than their talents. The world is full of people who think total strangers are fascinated by their personal feuds. They are not. If you have an issue with someone, speak to them directly. Don't copy the world in. Surely you are not so insecure that you need group approval of your actions.

Of course, nothing like this ever happens in the wonderful world of Barnet. We are all sensible grown up adults, who are far too intelligent to hit that reply all button, aren't we. We are all far too intelligent to copy people we've never even met into our private dislikes and battles, aren't we.

I am really pleased that we are, because if we weren't then we'd run the risk of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and that would be criminal, wouldn't it?

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