Friday, 2 November 2012

Barnet Eye Exclusive : Labour Party to make Brian Coleman a Lord in 2015

In a shock development today, the Barnet Eye has discovered that the Labour Party plans to elevate Barnet Conservative (currently resting) Councillor Brian Coleman to the House of Lords in 2015, when they win the election. The Barnet Eye has discovered that this peerage will be in recognition to services for the Labour Party, delivering the Barnet and Camden GLA seat in 2012 and possibly the Hendon and Finchley seats in 2015, which could be vital in securing a Labour majority.

A Labour Party spokesman told the Barnet Eye "There really is only one place that you can put unelectable politicians, when they have passed their sell by date. Brian has provided years of great service to the Labour Party in Barnet, exposing the Barnet Conservatives for what they really are and helping us to a monumental triumph in Barnet in May. It is only fitting that such self sacrifice on Brians part be rewarded with a Lordship. We believe he'll fit in very well"

Yup, you've probably twigged. We're having you on. It's the Friday joke #3.One can't really imagine Andrew Dismore and the rest of the Barnet Labour party being involved in such shenanigans with such a discredited politician, can you?

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