Friday, 9 November 2012

Three cheers for Councillor John Hart

I bumped into Councillor John Hart in Mill Hill Broadway today. He was selling poppies for the Royal British Legion in the rain. We have them on sale at my business, Mill Hill Music Complex ( ) in  the foyer of the studio.

I am a full on supporter of the Royal British Legion and the Poppy appeal. Our business also collects for "Help for Heroes" in Association with BALLS Motorcycle club. Next week we are handing over £500 raised jointly to the charity. I believe that anyone who has served in the armed forces is owed a debt of gratitude. We have a volunteer army, and I believe that whatever faults this country has, we are a force for good in the world. Their is no more tolerant and diverse city in the World than London. That is because people have made sacrifices.

That is why I say three cheers for John Hart and every other person in the land who stands out in the rain (as John did) or the sunshine collecting for this cause. John is in his 80's and if he can make the effort, we all can.

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