Saturday 24 December 2022

Barnet Eye Advent calendar - 24th December - Merry Xmas from the Barnet Eye

So our journey to Christmas is nearly complete. I do hope you've enjoyed a few of the treats we've given you about our neighbourhood. I also sincerely hope one or two of you have been generous enough to decide to give some of your time or money to some of the great organisations we've covered.

Today, our little treat comes from Hendon on Sea!!!! The start of the powerboat season at the Welsh Harp. I must say I love this video, shot in 1932, it shows the fun side of the age. I do hope you have as much fun this Christmas as the people in this little film have. 

It's been real fun for me putting this series together in the advent season! These clips really bring home just how much our neighbourhood has changed over the last century.

As an aside, if you are interested in The Welsh Harp, then please follow The Welsh Harp Conservation group on Twitter, who are dedicated to preserving the beauty and the habitat of the Welsh Harp. 

And so onto todays featured Charity. I specifically have been saving this one till today. 

2,000 years ago today (according to tradition), a young woman was heavily pregnant. She didn't have the option of a hospital, pain relief or even a whiff of happy gas. As an unmarried mother, she would have been shunned by the untra orthadox society she lived in. She would have had little support. Now whatever you believe about the story of the birth of Jesus and whether Mary really was a virgin, there is one thing you can be sure of. If you are about to give birth today, things are better than they were for Mary! Mary would have had no choice in the matter of a natural child birth. Luckily for my family, when Mrs T (my wife, not the former Prime Minister) was giving birth, she was well prepared. We had attended sessions organised by Barnet NCT, which meant that we were as well prepared as we could be for the experience. 

So on Christmas Eve, there really could be no other charity to feature. If you are embarking on the journey that is pregnancy and childbirth, I'd strongly recommend checking out National Childbirth Trust AKA NCT - - whilst our children are now teenagers, we still are in contact with friends we made in the group. The Xmas cards we received were a nice reminder of those classes. 

NCT in Barnet are looking for volunteers to help build up their branch. This is whats on their website. I sincerely hope some of you out there are able to assist. I can personally vouch for the benefits of attending NCT sessions as can my wiser half.

Our active branch is run by an enthusiastic team of parents who volunteer their time in order to provide invaluable support, services and social events to our local parenthood community.

Keep connected with NCT Barnet Join our Facebook page to keep updated

It only really remains for us at The Barnet Eye to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. My band, the False Dots don't have any Xmas Carols in our reportoire, however we have a lovely song which is every evocative of this time of year, so why not pour a sherry, sit back for two minutes and have a listen on me. Have a great day!

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