Wednesday 14 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 14th December

Just how much have we changed in the last 50 years? If we were to see a film of a popstar or filmstar relaxing at home with their wife and children, what would we expect? The Osbornes maybe? In the 1950's one of the countries biggest stars was Dennis Lotis, who at the time happened to be a resident of Mill Hill. So famous was he that Pathe News made a film about his homelife. I find it fascinating to watch films such as this. Nice to see the footage of an old bubblecar (I liked it so much I wrote a song about it!). I have an affection for one, as my elder brother had one and it was a rare treat to have a trip in it.

One of his best known films was "What every woman wants". I watched it and I think times have changed and maybe they want different things in 2022, but it may give some of you an Xmas card idea!


For our charity of the day, we have Community Focus. If you have not heard of Community Focus before,   it is an inclusive arts centre based in the borough of Barnet in North London. Founded in 1978 by photographer Maria Bartha. 


About Community Focus

Our Vision:  We believe that everyone is an artist.

Our Purpose:  We empower communities through art.

Our Mission:      To encourage older people, those with physical, sensory, mental or social challenges and others to participate in creative activities in pursuit of education, recreation and personal development cultivating creativity, equality and strength.

CF actively seeks ways to extend its reach into the community, working with an unlimited variety of different groups and organisations including: our local authority, local resident networks, schools, special schools and higher education institutions, right through to theatre companies and national charities.

Find out how you can support Community Focus by CLICKING HERE
Community Focus has joined LOCAL GIVING ~ Any donation for Community Focus will be doubled by Local Giving.  Please donate generously.

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