Sunday 4 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 4th December

Today is day four of the Barnet Eye Advent Calendar. This series will run every day until Xmas day. We are reclaiming the concept of giving from the consumerist society. We will give you a little snippet of our love for our neighbourhood and we'll also feature a link to a great local charity, So if you are inspired, you can do your bit and make this festive season a little better for someone who may just appreciate some help

So today we move to Barnet for our gem. Although we think of the London Borough of Barnet as a sleepy suburb of golf courses and semi's, there is a darker history. One of the bloodiest battles of the war of the Roses civil war was fought in Barnet.  The Battle of Barnet was the decisive battle of this war and it took place in our manor. Check out this rather entertaining video.

If you find this video interesting,why not check out one of our real local gems, the Barnet Museum, who are packed with interesting historical relics and information, including a marvellous section on the Battle. 

 And our Charity today is Homeless Action Barnet - - a charity helping homleess people in our neck of the woods. If you see a homeless person and wonder what you can do to help, CLICK HERE FOR INFO

The Night Shelter gives a meal and a bed to up to fifteen local homeless people, ant to know how you can help? Click here - - and help make a difference. There is still a battle in Barnet, it is against homelessness and poverty and you can help. As the nights get colder it gets ever more important.

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