Thursday 15 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar 15th December

Woo Hoo - only ten days until Christmas! And here we are at the Barnet Eye still going strong with our Advent Calendar!

Today we have a rather quaint video showing "new police training methods" from the old police training centre at Hendon. This was in the days when policemen looked like Policeman and there was not a shred of body armour or stab vest in sight. The days when villains said "It's a  fair cop guv" and didn't pull out  a knife and stab the arresting officer as all too sadly seems to be the expected outcome today if the villain isn't given a good Tazaring.

Todays charity is Penniwells Riding centre for the disabled. Here's what they have to say

Our aim is to provide disabled people with the opportunity to ride to benefit their health and well being. Without our much valued Team of Volunteers & Staff at the Centre such a first class service would not be able to be provided.

Penniwells RDA provides riding & stable management sessions for adults & children and are dedicated to ensuring that all our riders receive a high standard of professional tuition tailored to their personal ambitions and capabilities. Our instructors work closely with physiotherapists and other health professionals to encourage every individual to aim for attainable goals – some modest, others far more ambitious.

Local Mill Hill Paralympian Michael Murphy, who competed at Tokyo, started riding at Penniwells.

Find out more here and please consider a donation -

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