Monday 19 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 19th December

Today we are in back in Mill Hill. This video shows the magnificent work that was being done at the then state of the art National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill. This iconic institute was demolished is in the process of being replaced by a large and rather controversial housing development (regular readers will know all about the problems with Barratts)

It is great to think that millions of people across the planet are still alive due to the efforts of researchers in the heart of our community.  I've always been proud to have the institution on our doorstep. I wondered if the council could have done more to persuade them to stay? I'd like to say a personal thanks to all of the researchers across the planet working to protect us from Covid. I'm proud that the scientific foundations were laid in Mill Hill. 

Sadly not every affliction is treatable by medical science. Alcoholism is one such condition. My family has suffered from the effects of this disease (and yes it is a disease). I think most familes have similar experiences. The condition brings misery and heartache to family and friends, who often suffer financial hardship as a result. Recognising that you have a problem is the first step to recovery (and yes I have friends and family who are in recovery).

For many, the charity which we turn to is Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are worried and want to speak to AA about your drinking, here is your local Barnet Contacts - - just remember, having a problem is nothing to be ashamed about. If you feel you may need help or counselling, the sensible thing to do is to get it. Dealing with any addiction is never easy or simple. There are many problems as wetake the road towards recovery. Having a good support network is the best way to succeed.

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