Friday 9 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 9th December

I'm often stopped by locals in Mill Hill as I'm shopping or getting the train, who like to discuss the subjects of the week. I had wondered how this series would be received, with its format of a video or topic of interest and a plug for a local charity. Everyone who I've spoken to has mentioned that it is great to have these jewels of local history highlighted. I've also had a good response to the highlighting of local charities. Thank you

Today our focus is on Edgware. Both of these topics are close to my heart. First we have a Pathe Video of the openiong of the old Ritz cinema in Edgware. In my day it was the Odeon. I hadn't realised until I saw this just what an amazing opening the cinema had. The scenes of Edgware are quite fascinating. It is sad that the cinema was redeveloped not too long ago. I hadn't realied just how magnificent a building it really was! Sad to say that Edgware today is a shoddy shadow of it's former self. 

One of the great things about doing a blog and writing a series like this is that I discover some wonderful people and organisations and hopefully point a few people in their direction. 

One such organisation is the Truecare foundation based in Edgware.

There mission is as follows. one I hope everyone who reads this blog supports.

True Care Foundation

We Are On A Mission To
Help Children in Low Income Households

More than 14 million people in the UK are living below the poverty line and 41% of Londoners can be classed as having a low annual household income. The result of this is 26% of children in the UK are living in absolute low income; with a steady increase since 2013 of those considered to be under relative low income and materially deprived.

This is why True Care Foundation are working to deliver food packages to low income families who struggle to provide their children with meals during the half term when they are able to receive the aid they rely on from schools.

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