Friday 2 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 2nd December

Today is day two of the Barnet Eye Advent Calendar. This series will run every day until Xmas day.  If you are interested in the history of our community, then hopefully you'll enjoy it. We will give you a little snippet of our love our neighbourhood and we'll also feature a link to a great local charity, so if you are inspired, you can do your bit and make this festive season a little better for someone who may just appreciate some help.

Today we are featuring Colindale. Back in 1951, Colindale lead the world. Checkout this British Pathe film from 1951 about the British Museum Newspaper Library at Colindale.

Sadly the Newspaper Library left the Colindale and the Borough a few years ago. The fine building was recently knocked down So in homage to this great institution, Todays Charity is the Colindale foodbank. Sadly foodbanks have become a feature of Great Britain in 2022.  For many, they are needed more than ever

Whilst I think this is truly awful, we cannot bury our heads in the sand, The Trussell Trust sponsor the Colindale foodbank. Food and sanitary products are collected and distributed to people in our community in dire need. 

I can think of nothing more in the true spirit of Xmas than a donation to the Colindale foodbank, check their for full details website - - Please drop off tea, coffee, dried food (pasta, rice, etc), tinned food (soup, veg, Meat & Fish), biscuits, Jam etc.   Please help.
Check out their amazing work in this video we made.



Do you have a story and a Charity in your neighbourhood? Why not submit a guest blog to tell us the story? We need a Gem to share and a Charity to help.  

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