Sunday 11 December 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 11th December 2022

 A funny old week really. I won't mention the football. I will remember yesterday as it was the day West London Wildlife, a book I contributed a chapter to about Darlands Nature Reserve was launched. A few readers have asked if I will be publishing my chapter here. The answer is no. Buy the book and support the Independent Publishing sector. I did a lot of research for my contribution and there are some stunning pictures and the otehr featured wildlife areas are well worth a read of. 

Click here to order your copy -

Anyway, that's quite enough of my week. How was yours? The Tweeters of Barnet have been active. Here is my pick

1. Sadly the Borough's finest football team's last game of the year was postponed due to a frozen pitch. A shame as it would have been a big day for the club with fans watching England after

2. For us boys of a certain age, raised in Mill Hill, this place was legendary. It looks like my elder brothers in their St Vincents uniforms in the picture

3. I must get around to doing the Observatory tour!

4. Fancy a bit of folk music for Xmas tomorrow night?

5. We can always rely on Donald for a great picture

6. This is excellent, a new account to me and some top tweeting!

brent cross"

7. A great pic.

8. Congratulations!

9. We've all been feeling the cold this week

10. And finally... Something to check out. THis looks interesting

That's all folks!


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