Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 7th December

So today our treat is a Pathe News film of the Hendon RAF display in 1937. I am just old enough to remember the days when Hendon was a working airfield and I can remember the Red Arrows flying over for the display. The site became Grahame Park Estate. You don't realise what an enormous area it was until you see a film such as this. It is interesting to note that only two years before World War II the pride of the RAF was largely bi planes, with only a cameo appearance of a couple of single wing planes. I also wonder whether we'd get such a glorious display of bombing in a London Borough today?

We really should mention that this year we've celebrated the 50th anniversary of the RAF museum, so have a shufti at this.

Today, with the feature on Hendon, we look at one of my favourite charities, the PDSA which have a shop in Hendon - - for many people with pets, who cannot afford the huge cost of private vet bills. Families receiving benefits or getting help with Council tax payments qualify for medical treatment for their pets with the PDSA. Pets provide asource of friendship and companionship for many people. If you have a pet and you are struggling to make ends meet, please consider getting help from the PDSA. 
If you can afford petcare, please consider a donation so the pets of those that can't don't suffer unnecessarily. 

Let us know of gems in your neck of the woods and charities you'd like us to feature.

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