Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Barnet Council Library Closures : They just don't get it, do you?

I despair. I really do despair. Do you know what the life of a blogger in Barnet entails? You go to meetings stuffed full of rather dim people, many of whom can't string two coherent sentences together. They make appalling decisions. We then kick off campaigns and the local and national press pick up on it. Sometimes they give in then (allowances), sometimes we have to wait for the High Court to stop the stupidity (Warden Cuts) and sometimes we just have to lump it (Icelandic Investments) and foot the bill.

So why do we do it? I can only speak for myself. It's because I live here and I'm not going to stand back and let a bunch of cretins destroy the good things in our community without a fight. It's not for the money, I don't get paid to do this (apart from the odd contribution to my internet costs from the adverts in the sidebar - believe me it isn't much). It's not because I enjoy it - who would? I'd much rather be playing the guitar, watching football or out with the family. I don't want a career in politics, what sane individual would want to have to spend time with that lot in the town hall. Sure I stood for Council, but that was only because I thought there was a slim chance we might stop this stupidity.

Anyway, on to the purpose of this blog. Have you signed the petition? Have you asked all of your friends to? Are you happy to let the Council destroy the Library service? I've stood on street corners for the last five weeks imploring people to sign and it ha paid off. We have just under the 2,000 signatures we need to get officer review of the proposals. People hate the idea of losing their libraries. Barnet Council are indulging in a phoney consultation, with no real positive options. Anyone with half a brain would see that with hard times ahead for the economy, libraries will become even more vital as people retrain and reskill.

Sadly dim Twats like Councillor Robert Rams, who is leading the Library review, just doesn't get it. Do you. If you want to save the library, if you can see the benefits for the community and future generations of maintaining the service, put your name on the petition. You're reading this, so you obviously have some interest in the matter. Last month this blog had over 17,000 hits from 11,000 unique visitors, we're on for a similar number this month. We've had just under 250 signatures on the on line petition. I know many people have come down to sign the paper version and say hello, but if you haven't signed and you want your library, then what is stopping you. The petition will be used for no other purpose than to save libraries. Please sign up.

At the weekend I will be taking a photo of all of the paper signatures, it's pretty impressive. Add your name today. Click on the link in the sidebar.

Oh and on a totally different subject, long time Barnet Eye reader Richard Logue is doing a Charity run - he asked me to post this. We support anyone who is doing good things for the community, so it's a pleasure Here's Richards pitch -

I'm running in the New York Marathon in less than a couple of weeks to raise funds for Co-operation Ireland, the leading charity that works on peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Young people who might otherwise turn to violence can be encouraged to use their energy building, not destroying their communities.  People who distrust their neighbours "from the other side" meet and engage with each other to build mutual trust and remove the walls that exist not only on the streets, but in their minds too.

The link for anyone who would like to sponsor me is

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