Wednesday, 6 October 2010

and now for something completely different.

Do you remember the good old days? The days before Lynne Hillan took over the Leadership of Barnet Council and we didn't have to wage war every single day on library closures, sneaky allowance rises, excessive secrecy and highly paid consultants who deliver nothing? Well, it seems so long since I did a blog about the other things in life, I thought I'd just touch on a few little things which have made life worth living.

First off - did you see the Jools Holland show last night. He nicked my joke - -  anyway off to see the SMB tomorrow, and they look in top form. Their rendition of "The Joker" was superb. Next time you want to nick my jokes Jules, at least give me a ticket for the show.

Next up - today is a day of great personal achievement for me. 4 years ago a consultant advised me that I needed a back operation. He suggested that maybe some physio would help. I saw a superb physiotherapist - Julie Gear - who advised me, amongst other things to lose some weight and exercise more regularly. Since then I've been going to the gym every single day of the week (apart from Thursday when I play 5 - a - side at Powerleague). One of the targets I set myself was to row 2km in under 7.30 on a concept II rower. Today, four years later, I hit my target for the first time. I guess I need a new target now. I still have back pain sometimes, but I am nowhere near the state I was then.

Next up, a source of great pride to me is the Sound Skool music project at my business, Mill Hill Music Complex - check these photos of week three of the course -  it is great to see young people learning, developing and acquiring new skills whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves. The course is 10 weeks, it has five options music production, MC'ing, DJ'ing, Live instruments and vocal skills. The courses are free for young people aged 14-18 not in education, employment or training. They are funded by Youth Music and run by YMCA.

I'm off now to finish off some mixes for the new album by my band, The False Dots. Enjoy your evening and if you haven't already, please sign the library petition. It's not all gloom though

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