Friday, 15 October 2010

If I was a London Fireman I'd go on strike

The Firemen of London have voted to go on strike. 80% voted for a strike, a huge total. The man who is in charge of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is none other than Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman. Those of us who have followed the dispute know that Mr Coleman has been provoking the FBU, trying to goad them into a strike. Mr Coleman is on record as a "union basher". It is also a matter of public record that the private company, ASSETTCO, who provide strike cover, have sumptuously wined and dined Coleman. I've been on the receiving end of communications from Coleman. They were so rude, I reported him to the standards committee and won. As a result of his intransigence, people will die. It is a disgrace. Boris Johnson should sack him and appoint a reasonable person, who wants to run a service, not destroy it. If I was a fireman, I'd go on strike. Brave men deserve better.


ainelivia said...

hear, hear. as to the obnoxious Mr C, doesn't he just pop up all over the place. he's in charge, oh god we are in trouble then.... go on Firemen, give B the bum's rush.....

Mrs Angry said...

Can you imagine for one moment Coleman putting in a day's work as a firefighter? No.
If Coleman's lavishly rewarded 'jobs' were 'refreshed and rebuilt', would anyone notice? No.
If he went on strike, would we notice? No.

Does the public admire and support the firefighters? Yes.

Good luck to them.

Moaneybat said...

"wined and dined by Assetco" has to be a backhander and backside slap for Coleman, nothing new about local politicians, from Hatton to this vile piece of growth stunted bile.