Thursday, 28 October 2010

Brent Cross redevelopment signed off today

28th October 2010. This could be the day when the London Borough of Barnet as we know it changed forever. The huge Brent Cross/ Cricklewood redevelopment was signed off today. This will mean a huge increase in the number of cars on the road, with no discernable improvements to public transport. Bestways are threatening to take the decision to judicial review. If it ever gets built, we'll have a waste incinerator on the doorstep.

As far as I can see the battle to build the project has been between big business on the one hand and local people on the other. Sadly it seems our local Conservative Council came down on the side of big business. A sad day for the London Borough of Barnet

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baarnett said...

There's nothing on the Barnet web site that I can see.

I have found the super-effective web site has a page saying:

Update: major plans for Brent Cross and Cricklewood
Development announcement: planning application may be deferred by one month (22 September 2009).

That is it.