Friday, 29 October 2010

Murder in Mill Hill

The shocking news that a young person of 17 has been murdered is just sinking in. One of my daughters friends lives around the corner from the scene of the crime. Mill Hill is not a violent part of London, which makes it all the more shocking. I just hope it makes our councillors pause for thought as they seek to cut budgets for childrens services. During the election, I spent a couple of days canvassing on the estate where the terrible events happened. I'd like to urge our council leaders to make there way down, chat to a few of the residents and take heed of their views. I met some really desperate people and vowed if I got in, I'd make helping them my priority.

I think the most crushing thing about not getting in is that I can't do anything for them. One of the moments which stuck in my mind was when I was chatting to John Hart at the launch of Classic Mill Hill a couple of weeks before the vote. Although he'd never admit it now, John had the demeanour of a man who thought he was going to lose. He was giving me some good advice. He said "The best thing about being a councillor is that sometimes you can make things better for people who really need help". When he won, I thought about that. I hope John lives up to his words and makes a difference on that estate, by making sure that the problems get addressed.

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