Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Barnet Council Parking Policies - fleecing the motorist

Barnet Council roads supremo, Brian Coleman stated his priority was "Roads, Roads, Roads" when he took up the post, following his disaster riddled year as Mayor. He's hardly been in the job and his own parking enforcement staff are in mutiny over the the "sharp practices" abounding in Barnet Council. The purpose of these is to fleece the car driver. As a result staff are working under terrible stress and sickness is becoming more and more commonplace.

I have been passed a selection of emails detailing these. I have put on on our sister blog, the Future Shape leaks blog. The leaks blog today reached a milestone with it's 1,000th visitor in less than a month since it's relaunch.


If you are a motorist in Barnet and you've had a ticket recently, check this email out. It is truly unbelievable.  Amongst the shocking revelations is the fact that over half of the Boroughs pay and display machines were out of service and targets for ticketing have been issues, which is banned.
Nick Walkley received this email a couple of weeks ago. Several more have followed.  Sadly rather than addressing the issues in the email, several Conservative Councillors are using it as a way to justify outsourcing the service. This will mean even more tickets and even more sharp practices.

Don't say you haven't been warned. Mr Walkley is coridally invited to respond to this email in the form of a guest blog here. It is high time the secrecy culture in Barnet was abolished and the likes of Coleman and Walkley started serving the people who pay their wages, rather than treating us like mushrooms.w


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