Sunday, 10 October 2010

BNP candidate Stephen Curry smears WWII veteran

My attention was drawn to a comment by Stephen Curry, the BNP Council candidate for East Barnet in the 2010 Council elections regarding my Father/Grandfather on a BNP website. This is what he wrote.
He likes to brag about his Grandad being in the war but it wouldn't suprise me if he is telling porkys more than likely banged up like Jack Straws father who was a coward and wouldn't fight for the Country.

I rather suspect he was actually referring to my Father who volunteered to fly bombers with the RAF (given that the comments seem to relate to WWII when Jack Straws father was a consciencious objector). My Dad is commemerated on the Australian War memorial website in the following picture. I doubt that Mr Curry has the class or the guts to apologise for making such a disgusting comment about my Father. Here's a picture of him at Foggia air base.

Long before I got into an argument with this idiot, I transcribed my Dads diary from 1944 and printed it on this blog on remembrance day 2008. It details his experiences flying over Italy in Wellington Bombers. Please have a read of this. His service record is also on the Australian war memorial website. I think that anyone who flew 40 missions in an obsolete aircraft over some of the most heavily defended sites in Europe, got shot down, was held prisoner of war and escaped to return to his squadron, deserves a modicum of respect.

Mr Curry may not like me, but I think he's despicable insulting my Fathers war record. For his information, my Grandfather, James Fanning was a veteran of WWI. He served in the trenches. He was gassed and died tragically young as a consequence of this. Two of his Brothers died in the trenches.

As the BNP are currently collecting signatures for a "bring the boys home" petition and pretending to support veterans, I think it is of paramount importance to show what they actually say about them on their own nasty little websites. If I was Mr Curry, I would hang my head in shame for his outburst. I quite understand that he may dislike me, but to insult the war record of a man such as my father is despicable.


Jaybird said...

Rog, I am sorry that your father and grandfather was insulted in this way.

Mrs Angry said...

Like you, my father, father in law, grandfather, great uncles and many other relatives fought in both world wars, in some cases losing their lives, to prevent right wing, racist thugs invading this country and trying to impose a dictatorship on our country. I wonder what they would have to say to the likes of Mr Curry? I don't think it would be awfully polite, do you?

caroline said...

Don't worry Mrs Angry, Rog's dad would have been well capable of expressing his opinions to a bunch of ignorant louts ;)

Unknown said...

Roger - Luke here from Canada.

Your dad was a fighting war hero and a top bloke, and I remember him as such.

BNP W***er Curry.