Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Save Barnets Library Service - Twitter it now !!!

In the green sidebar, we have a link to the Save Barnet Library petition. Please sign this. If you have a Twitter account, please twitter it. If you have a Facebook account, tell all your friends to sign it. Email your friends and ask them to sign it. It will take a minute of your time to do any of these things and if we all pull together and get everyone we know to sign, Barnet Council will have to stand up and take note. We now have over 2,000 signatures in total, but only 200  of these are online, the rest are on paper. Our target is 7,000. Please sign it now. If we can get 7,000 signatures, Barnet Council has to have a full council debate on the Library closure program by law. Then we can organise a mass lobby and make sure that Councillors know how we feel about our libraries.

Usually viral marketing is used to sell beer and cars. All this petition wants is you to say you want to protect the library service for future generations.


baarnett said...

I bet they would only allow 25 people in to hear any emergency library debate, like at the last council meeting. Either they allow everyone in, or have need to have a video overflow.

Mrs Angry of course has her own ways of getting in.

But anyway, this is just a marker for later. Let's help Roger reach his 7,000.

Mrs Angry said...

Mrs Angry certainly does, Baarnett: see tomorrow's blog!