Saturday, 23 October 2010

BNP Activist Stephen Curry advises activists to behave like cowards

Regular readers of this blog will know that the East Barnet BNP candidate, Stephen Curry accused my father, who was a WWII bomber pilot who flew 38 missions, was shot down, taken prisoner of war and escaped, a coward. You may recall that Stephen Curry has not apologised or removed the post. You may recall that the BNP have happily left up the post by Stephen Curry - so they clearly think it's OK to abuse RAF pilots.

So what sort of man is Mr Stephen Curry, who questions the bravery of dead WWII veterans? How brave is he? Well I found this piece of advise from him on a BNP website, to fellow activists who wanted to go out and campaign against Halal Meat.

Stephen Curry · 3 days ago

I have a really very bad feeling about campaigning with stalls regarding Halal, this video is a reminder of what the reaction may be.
The whole point of us being on the streets is Public Relations (ed). If we have a neutral subject we can spend more time on the streets unchallenged, as a person that rings round asking people if they would like to help out with stalls I would feel very uncomfortable I would feel as though I am putting them in a risky situation. We have our anti-ritual slaughter policy deep in our manifesto and the public know this already, There are so many subjects that can be covered which all of the public will warm to we can build massive teams of relible activists in every town centre every week on neutral subjects similar to bring the troops home. As soon as we put our activists some very old and frail in a confrontational sitation we won't see them again, and at worse they might get harmed by muslim fanatics even if the halal stalls are done in all white areas they could still take it out on the stall that are neutral in London the whole thing would do more harm than good for the party .
So there you go. Stephen Curry is only happy to campaign on neutral subjects. He wants to hide policies which might be challenged "deep in the manifesto". He's to frightened to stand on the streets, in case a Muslim tells him off, but he was happy to call my Father, who flew 38 bombing missions in the second world war a coward. I'm rather pleased that when Hitler needed to be stopped we had real heros such as my Father, who volunteered to fight and put their lives on the line on a daily basis, rather than the likes of Stephen Curry, who is too scared even to ask for signatures on street corners, in case someone is nasty to him.

Curry lets the cat out of the bag with the Troops out petition. It's not about supporting the troops, it's about "building teams of reliable activists". Interestingly enough, there is another story on the website where Stephen Curry advises BNP activists to bottle it called "What did you do in the war daddy" - here is a small extract.

I’m proud to say I played a part and say that I fought well, that’s why I lost my livelihood and wound up in a cell.
The reason that we lost, my son was not that we weren’t brave, but that the ones we battled for were not worth our while to save
It seems to me as if BNP Candidate Stephen Curry would be a bit of a let down to the "Anon" bloke who "wrote this from his cell". Whilst I'm rather pleased that Stephen Curry has a bit more sensible an attitude than Mr Anon's to stirring up trouble on the streets, I cannot help but point out the hypocracy of this site, on the one hand urging people to go out and start a race war and on the other telling them to hide all of their policies for fear of upsetting Muslims.


Unknown said...

The BNP have their legit point of view,they are no different from any
nationalist party in any other country.Take an example such as Israel,90% of the Jewish population
support a racist,xenophobic stance
when considering anyone who is not an Israeli Jew.Do I hear anyone condemning them in the same terms you use with the BNP?You make a big deal of what your father did,
but millions of men did the same,
your dad survived,55 million people didn't.

Rog T said...


Millions of people didn't do what my Father did. My Father was an RAF pilot who flew 38 missions, was shot down,held as a POW, lead a successful mass escape. Very few people did that. If you knew anything at all about WWII and the RAF, you wouldn't make such a stupid comment. Check your facts

Do you think Stephen Curry has the right to criticise his war record and call him a coward? Do you think I should allow someone to say such things? Would you. My issue with Curry isn't his BNP membership, it is the fact that he has abused my Father as a coward.

He should apologise. The fact he is clearly rather cowardly himself only angers me more. The BNP have not removed his comments, so clearly they condone them. I've never disputed anyones right to hold any views, that's why all teh Comments Curry left are still on this blog.

If you stick up for him, you condone his outrageous slur and as such are equally contemptible.