Thursday, 14 October 2010

A better man than I ????

The bloke in this picture is Suri Khatri BSC Hons. He's a Conservative Councillor in Mill Hill. He got over 1,000 votes more than me in the Council Election, which is why he's a Councillor and I'm not. Do I care? I was gutted at the time, but I shook his hand and wished him well (genuinely). I really thought no more about it until today. A BNP sympathiser left a comment on another Barnet blog, in response to a comment I made about a young man who is a leader of a local youth project and happens to be a Kenyan. I said he was one of the most intelligent young people I'd ever met. The BNP commentor replied that he should stand in Mill Hill as a Lib Dem and see how many votes he gets. The clear implication was that Mill Hill is full of racist bigots and he'd get no votes.

I suddenly remembered the fact that Suri Khatri had been elected. I don't know him, but he seemed a nice enough chap. John Hart told me he's a nuclear physicist by trade so he's clearly a bright bloke. Whilst I was pretty gutted on May 7th that Mr Khatri beat me, at least it shows that Mill Hill is not full of racist bigots. For that reason alone, I'm pleased he won. Is he a better man than me? Well he certainly is if your Nuclear reactor needs designing, not quite so sure if you need a bit of punk rock guitar. The good thing is that the people of Mill Hill clearly judged us for who we were, not the colour of our skin. I suspect that if the BNP are looking to seek a base of racists support in Mill Hill, they will be bitterly disappointed as we all get on rather well here.

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