Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What have the Tories got against education and literacy?

It hadn't really occurred to me until now. It seems that the Tories have a general problem with the concept that literacy is a good thing. Locally Councillor Robert Rams wants to shut all of our libraries. He thinks we should order books online from Tescos. Does he think this will improve child literacy.

Nationally, the first act of the Tories was to scrap the school rebuilding program (or our investment in the future as I like to call it). Now there are plans to make University education horrendously expensive. Having destroyed our manufacturing base under Margaret Thatcher, our intellectual capacity was our unique selling point as a nation. Now this is being systematically destroyed. How any sane government could plan to cut research budgets is beyond me.

I suppose in about 20 years time they'll be banging on about illiterate spongers who can't read, write or get a job and be blaming their victims for the problems. It is sickening and stupid.

I can't do much, but I can urge you to sign the library petition


baarnett said...

Margaret Thatcher should have acted like Norwegians, and used the North Sea Oil money bananza for investmnent instead of benefits. But her lack of interest in industry was no worse that Blair and Brown. She had been a research chemist.

But Blair doubled science spending, so it is possible to cut research from that higher base, and have less effect.

Mrs Angry said...

Two words for you, Rog:

Vince Cable

This is not just a Tory government, this is a government in coalition with the Libdems. What they have done over the tuition fee u-turn is despicable and serves to underline the total hypocrisy of, and shallow committment to, so many of their previous stated policies. No elector will ever trust their integrity again. I am not sure if you are still a Libdem supporter, but if so, how do you defend what they are doing? We are facing a nightmare future for this country if all these deranged policies are put into place and the only way out is if the ordinary Libdem members rebel and put massive pressure on their parliamentary colleagues to pull out of the coalition.

Rog T said...

I'm not going to defend Vince and his conscience bypass