Saturday, 23 October 2010

What Brian Coleman had to say about Trades Unions

Bumped into an old friend last night who happens to be making a name for himself in a South London Conservative Party branch. After exchanging pleasantries, he told me that he'd bumped into none other than Brian Coleman and had a chat with him (knowing how Brian Coleman and myself like each other so much).

I often wonder how the Tory world outside Barnet views Brian Coleman. I think my question was answered last night. The two had briefly discussed Trades Unions. Coleman rather strangely announced "You are far better off dealing an old dinosaur who is out for twubble as the public will back you than one who is weasonable and might get a bit of sympathy".  Sadly as ever in Colemans world, the fact that the public suffer is totally irrelevent, if a good dispute allows you to indulge in a bit of union bashing. My old mate described Coleman as a "comedy turn". As he's just provoked a firemans strike, it's not really that funny anymore


Mrs Angry said...

Three great blogs, Rog.
The cynical use of populist posturing for their own purposes is something that the worst sort of political activists have in common. Why do so many political extremists take such a pleasure in the politics of confrontation?
As to the firefighter strike: I wonder if Assetco gets a bonus payment for strike coverage, or if this is covered by the contract? This might seem a trivial question: it isn't.
I think the library campaign is a tribute to you and your commitment to our community. What a shame our Tory councillors cannot demonstrate the same committment.

ainelivia said...

Hubble bubble toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble, herr Toad he fribbles daily,
get him a comedy standup show on the BBC,
then somebody might tell him he's got Negative L'Oreal Syndrome, he isn't worth it,
get him out of our lives, please.