Saturday, 9 October 2010

Barnet Council Update : Mother in Law jokes ban & Matthew Offord

Word reaches the Barnet Eye that there is more to the Barnet Council Mother in Law joke ban than meets the eye. I can say no more. Please contact newly wed Hendon MP and former leader of Barnet Council Matthew Offord for more details on Council Policy towards Mother in Laws.

Matthew has a brand new website - not a Mother in Law joke in sight

On a totally different subject. Does anyone know if the Berkley Hunt is still going ?

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Mrs Angry said...

if you are in need of entertainment this weekend, check out the Hendon Conservatives' webite and enjoy reading what the new boy MP has been up to ie judging sheep beauty contests at a country show (as the site itself helpfully points out there are not many farms in his constituency - so this seems rather an unnecessary thing to be doing)and er breaking his hand on honeymoon but only realising it when a policeman shook his hand. What? Anyway the latter story gives him a rare chance to get his name and the word cabinet in the same story.