Thursday, 28 October 2010

To many a bureacrat or Tory MP this is just a cost saving - to me it's a crime

Got this email, from a friend of mine who is a quadraplegic who lives in a care home. Her life is difficult enough as it is. I really think a society who kicks people like Katy is a sick society not a big society. Here's her email to me. I really can't tell you how upset this makes me. My message to all Conservative and Lib Dem MP's - think again, this is cruel and heartless. Katy is disabled - not stupid or a criminal, she has a right to get out and about. To rob her of this is inhuman.  She ain't stupid and she doesn't deserve to suffer because a bunch of bankers wrecked the economy.
Hi Everyone, the govenment are planning on taking away mine and other people's mobility allowance away from us because they are cutting money back, this is what my Mum wrote,

The Government has announced far-reaching cuts that will affect every disabled person in Britain. There is no doubt this is a real backwards step for equality and risks pushing many disabled people deep into poverty.
I have already written to my local MP about the issue and called on them to do their bit in Parliament on my behalf to defend the rights of disabled people and their families.

I’d be really grateful if you would do the same – it’s really easy and will only take a few moments if you follow this link:
It would really help if you fill in the form please and send this onto as many people as you can, thanks xxxxxxx

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baarnett said...

Regarding lobbying, although MPs can only handle business from their own constituencies, don't forget we can all bend the ear of Theresa Villers, since she is a member of the government, with its collective responsibilty.

This MP is in the heart of government, unlike our other two, who are merely in distant extremities (choose suitable ones yourself).

Theresa was answering 'Transport Questions' in the Commons this morning ("We ain't got no money") wearing a pretensiously large poppy, looking more like a small wreath.