Monday, 4 October 2010

Library Closure Program : Book Collection for Dim Tory MP's

Barnet Council is have a "strategic review of the Boroughs Librarys". It is also having "A Strategic Review of the Boroughs Property" with a brief to sell off librarys. The Leader of the review is Council Robert RamsBottom. He has already stated that he believes that books should be "ordered online and collected from Tescos" or "read in Starbucks" (no stitch up there then?).

In response, the people of Barnet have launched a petition. We have over 500 signatures on the paper copy and the online version is also growing at a steady rate (please click on the sidebar to sign, if you haven't already).

As this blog believes that books are a joy and libraries are the symbol of a civilised society, we had a collection of books for councillor Robert Rams - to be presented to him at the next Council Meeting.

We will be holding four stalls in various Town Centres in Barnet this weekend. This time we are collecting books for our dim Tory MP's to try and encourage them to read more and to broaden their minds. I have donated the first book - see picture at the top.

On a completely different subject, we hear that Hendon MP, Matthew Offord is starting a campaign to "Save old Hendon". We here at the Barnet Eye hope that he includes Hendon Library as one bit of Hendon he wanted to save. Sadly when Mr Offord was in the Council Cabinet, he had no interest whatsover in saving a very important part of Old Hendon - Hendon FC's football ground. We wonder what exactly qualifies in Mr Offords mind as "old Hendon"?

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