Tuesday, 12 October 2010

An initiative that Barnet Police should copy

So what do our police do? I was intrigued by this report from the Weston Chronicle that Police were teaching youngsters how to investigate UFO crash sites -


It made me think about the Future Shape project. How long will it be before we have the police running such seminars in Barnet as part of "Big Society". Lets face it, getting a classful of nine year olds trained to investigate UFO crashes would be far cheaper than using the police or army. Given that Robert Rams thinks Starbucks should run the Libraries and Lynne Hillan thinks BT should run the Warden service (or replace the wardens with a phone system), it is probably one of the less bonkers crackpot ideas I've heard recently


baarnett said...

The blogocracy stated at the time that Lynne Hillan only won the leadership election against Mark Shooter because two or three councillors were assured she would go within a short while, and it was "Vote Lynne Hillan, Get Andrew Harper".

Does that mean the tectonic plates of the ruling junta will be moving shortly?

baarnett said...

Is Mark Shooter just keeping his head down and his powder dry, or has he given up on Barnet council?

There's a nice quote of his (via vickim57):

"I do not believe Soviet bureaucratic initiatives like One Public Sector, Labour’s Total Place (and Barnet’s Future Shape / Easy Council) ideas are... the way forward."

Barnet councillor Mark Shooter, 4 September 2010

Broadway Blogger said...

So Barnet Police should look into UFOS.....shame they dont deal with anti social behaviour.

Many of BARNET POLICE are nice guys and gals. In fact the Colindale Counter staff are some of the best and nicest POLICE you can find in the UK.

The problem is that behind those smiling POLICE are totally inadequate Policeman taking the money - and not helping the community.

Rmemeber I saw the CLOSED Dome Station on Bank Holiday Monday. We pay MILLIONS for these police yet they are on holiday when they should be out sorting the community,.

As for BARNET POLICE STATION - well that place is well known for being a total waste of space with Police who are "JOBSWORTHS" and dont care about other people.

Yes - we should get SOME REAL POLICE and get rid of the ridiculous POLICING that we are lumbered with !"

Mrs Angry said...

Sadly rather than the police having time to help spot UFOs it is more likely that we will see a massive cut in numbers and the borough will be left without a reasonable level of police support.