Monday, 31 October 2011

Councillor Brian "live in the real world" Coleman gets a free holiday in Cyprus

On Monday 17th October, the BarnetEye printed an email from Councillor Brian Coleman, telling a single mother with a six year old child to live in the real world. Her crime? Having the audicity to ask him for advice with a housing issue - -
what is even more galling is that whilst Sharada Osman (the lady in question) is struggling to survive on benefits, Coleman not only gets £120,000 a year from the taxpayer for a series of part time jobs, but he gets a charity flat with a subsidised rent from the Methodist Church.

As if that wasn't bad enough, it has now emerged that three days before he sent Ms Osman the letter, he had been on holiday at the expense of the taxpayers of Cyprus. Full details of this holiday and associated free dinners are listed on his "gifts and hospitality" register at the GLA and LFEPA. How on Earth Coleman has the gall to tell a struggling single mum to live in the world, three days after getting back from a "ponceathon" sponging off everyone from the municipality of Morpheau to the local fire chief is totally beyond me.

These are the items off the gifts registers :-
10-OCT-11 Bottle of Greek Brandy    Mrs C Iacouidou
10th October Lunch at Evohia Restaurant Nicosia     Municipality of Morphou

08/10/2011 Lunch at the Hilton, Nicosia, Cyprus. Estimated value: £35.00 Mr Markos Trangolas, Chief Fire Officer, Cyprus Fire Service.

07-OCT-11Meals at restaurants in Cyprus during Visit to Cyprus to attend events organised by the Municipality of Morphou to protest against the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. 7th October Dinner at Pavilion Restaurant in Nicosia 8th October Dinner at Hilton Hotel Nicosia 9th October Lunch at Stavros tis Asinou

07-OCT-11 Visit to Cyprus (7 - 10 October) to attend events organised by the Municipality of Morphou to protest against the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. Return flights with Cyprusair from London to Larnaca and 3 nights bed and breakfast at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia    Municipality of Morphou

Full details here :-

and here :-

It is interesting to note that Brian Coleman objects to other people staging protests that cost the taxpayer money - - but is happy to be flown to Cyprus, scoff himself silly and be flown back at the expense of their taxpayers to "allegedly" protest against the Turkish Invasion (in a well known holiday paradise). Yet another example of the crass hypocracy of Coleman.


ainelivia said...

... if Cyprus loves Brian so much do you think they'd take him permanently..... just a thought

Sharada said...

Wow, this ‘real world’ of Brian Coleman’s sure is cruel, and there I was worrying about a bit of rent, I feel so silly now. I mean I even heard the other day, he bought a packet of polo mints WITH HIS OWN MONEY. Surely we can help this man out? Come on folks, give what you can, just £100 a day will ensure Coleman carries on getting his cheap house, free lunches, free holidays and free cabs. Please give generously – oh wait….you already do. As you were then.

baarnett said...

Sharada: If he's bought some Polo mints with his own money, then he will have put in a claim for expenses regarding the holes.

Luxury Traveler said...

Good for him. Cyprus luxury holidays are reall awesome.