Friday, 28 October 2011

The Friday Joke - 28/10/2011 - And it's a cracker

An American guy takes his pet Tiger to the Vet. He tells the vet that the Tiger seems off colour, moody and generally not himself. The vet asks "What do you feed him on?". The guy replies "KFC, Hot Dogs and Donuts". The vet looks horrified "He's a Tiger ! Why do you feed him with that?". The Guy replies "Because he doesn't like McDonalds".

Have a great weekend - And thanks to everyone who's sent me nice messages this week. Really appreciated. I'm off to BelCanto for an evening of Opera and Dinner.It's a fantastic way to spend the evening and if, like me, you aren't overly keen on Opera, this may well change your views. It is performed at your table as you eat and is great. Check it out if you fancy a different sort of night out


baarnett said...

According to the Telegraph (before the place moved to the West End):

"It's like being a football manager each night, you have to put out a team of different voices, and quite often you have to change things round at the last minute because someone drops out through injury or illness.

And, with a song every 15 minutes, it's quite a complicated affair, trying to liaise with the kitchen. We don't serve food just before the singing and we don't serve food during the singing, so we have to keep asking the chef: 'Are we OK to sing?'

The result is nothing if not dramatic. Rather than being relegated to the role of background music, the singing waiters take centre stage, their voices raising the roof both with lung power and purity of tone.

"We find that customers are both enchanted and overwhelmed," says Bel Canto artistic director Antonina Maurel, Jean-Paul's Belarus-born wife. "People are not used to having opera singers performing at such close quarters."

The same goes for the performers, too. "Normally, as a singer, you are stuck next to the piano," says tenor Alberto Sousa, 25. "Here, though, we are encouraged to move around, to be more flexible, less stiff."

However, what we in Barnet want to know is: WHO IS THE SOUP WAITER? And is there a doggie-bag?

baarnett said...

Oh, and George Sorus seems to be predicting another Great Depression, only this time with a huge, world-wide debt overhang.

So enjoy the weekend while you can.