Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Another Barnet Councillor caught being rude to his constituents - Councillor Daniel Seal exposed

Last week we had Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman being exposed for being rude to a single mum. Sharada Osman contacted Coleman to ask for advice on her problems with accomodation. Coleman who earns £120,000 a year and yet lives in a charity flat, on a rent subsidised by the Methodist Church, designed for poor families, told her to "live in the real world".

It seems he's not the only Barnet Tory upsetting his voters. This story from the Ham and High, tells how Hampstead Garden Suburb resident Saul Zadka contacted his local councillor Danny "Imber" Seal and asked him to inspect some local potholes, which had been left for months.

Despite originally agreeing to meet Zadka for a coffee, Imber renaged on the agreement and didn't bother getting back in touch. Mr Zadka then rather humourously suggested that he'd named the pot hole after Councillor Seal.

Sadly for Mr Zadka, as well as being completely useless as a councillor, Imber also completely lacks a sense of humour. Imber told the Ham and High
"The reason I did not have coffee with him is because he was very rude to me".
All I can say is that if the worst thing anyone has ever said to Mr Seal is that they've named a pot hole after him, he really has lead a very sheltered life. Maybe he should follow his colleague Brian Coleman's advice and "live in the real world".

Readers may also be interested to know that Imber has a Twitter account and he was very excited to get his 300th follower :-

Danny Seal
300 followers - Thank you! Next Challenge is 500 by Xmas!
 I'd urge all Barnet Eye readers to follow Imber ASAP, otherwise you'll be missing out on pearls of wisdom such as this :-

Danny Seal
Professor Green is awesome
Sadly I'm not one of the 300 as Imber has blocked me, presumably in yet another sense of humour failure. I do so miss his brilliance !

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