Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shameful comment by ex Tory Councillor regarding parents of disabled Barnet residents

Earlier today, I posted a video clip of the Barnet residents forum staged by Barnet Alliance for Public Services (click here to access link - ).

On this clip, I feature short clips of eight people speaking. Here is a brief summary of what they say.

1. Man objecting to his Daughter(48 with learning difficulties) being described as "these people". States he is not a member of a union or political party.

2. Elderly lady speaking up for vulnerable people who need their services and benefits protected.

3. Man asking how council can maintain and update its plan, when planning & building control are being outsourced.

4. Woman talking about how Barnet Council removed her daughters legally protected care package. This was reinstated after a solicitor intervended.

5. Man explains how he asked a councillor "three questions" and was told to submit an FoI.

6. Man explains how Barnet Council mislead residents over plans for Freirn and Hampstead Garden Suburb Library.

7. Member of Barnet Alliance for Public Services explains that she never expected BAPS to be discussing hikes in CPZ charges

8. Labour GLA candidate Andrew Dismore explains how a residents campaign, not run by the Labour Party, forced Westminster COuncil to end the privatisation of two cemetries in Barnet, which were being left to rot.

Please click on the link, to confirm this, if you haven't already seen the clip. I am rather sickened by a comment left on a pro Barnet Tory blog today by an ex Barnet Tory Councillor. You can see this comment here -

If you'd rather just read it, he says the following :-
OpenID Daniel Hope said...
Mr Freer, we know how much you defend and protect property rights (you even stood up for Gadaffi against squatters in his home). How comes in your blog post you haven't given acknowledgment to Roger Tichbourne's rights as the creator of the video clip you use on your page. I am sure this is an oversight. As regards the meeting, it seems it was a lefty convention of the 'no cuts, never, ever, ever' brigade who think money grows on trees.
5 October 2011 17:08 

Now I don't really care if right wing Tories insult me or call me a swivel eyed trot. If you stick your head above the parapet, you can expect people to take potshots. I don't mind anyone using my Youtube clips to make whatever point they wish (as far as I'm concerned they make the point for my point of view rather well). An acknoweldgement would be nice, but that is down to good manners which I don't really expect from certain quarters.

What I do object to is the fact that this ex councillor attacks the parents of people with disabilities as being a  'no cuts, never, ever, ever' brigade who think money grows on trees. I am extremely lucky because all of my children are fit and well, but I fully understand why they are so upset by Barnet Council. To attack parents for merely defending their children is such terms as Ex Councillor Hope used is totally disgusting. I trust all Barnet Conservatives will disassociate themselves from this remark and will take on board the points raised by the residents featured on this clip. I don't think any fair minded person would consider any of the speakers shown as being extreme or unreasonable. Mr Hope doesn't like it when people take him to task for his views. He has blocked me from seeing his Twitter Account as he didn't like to be challenged for his views. Like many Tories, he only likes free speech when it's him doing the talking. Mr Hope, in common with anyone else (who doesn't personally insult my family and relatives) is welcome to leave comments on this blog or respond to any twitter message however they choose.

I hope that all of the people take up Mike Freer Mp's offer to help them on said blog. That is what MP's are supposed to do. I hope the other two Barnet MP's Matthew Offord and Theresa Villiers follow Mike Freer's good example and start helping the people who voted for them.

As to the point raised by the blogger. If local Conservative Councillors or MP's wish to attend such a forum in future, please contact me via the link in my profile on the side of the page and I will ensure that a convenient date is picked.


Anonymous said...

It's stupid comments, such as the attack you just made on me that, that land you in the position you are in.

You know full well that I am referring to the organisers of this 'lefty convention' who are opposed to all cuts and want more and more money poured in to the Council's coffers, irrelevant of hard working people's ability to pay.

The 20 or so (max) people who aren't leftist activists no doubt have stories that demand empathy, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this was a lefty roadshow as can been seen by the well orchestrated interventions by Dismore and (glad she's woken up) Moore.

Finally on your demand (that people don't insult you personally or your family), people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Your stock in trade on Twitter is personally attacking people who don't hold public office, such as myself.

Your ranty / stalky personal comments have won you the dubious accolade (aside from spam advertisers) of being one of only 2 people to be blocked from the @BarnetBugle's twitter account.

Aside from that, thanks for the political onslaught, I shall wear it as a badge of honour. To be attacked savagely by a swivel eyed trot, you must be doing something right.

Rog T said...

Ex Councillor Hope,

Anyone who read the post will know I didn't ask for people not to personally attack me. I refered only to my family and relatives. I don't think my kids are fair game because of the blog. Do you? I specifically said it comes with the territory.

You have done nothing but denigrate me & everyone else you disagree with (tory and labour) for years.

You ban me from leaving comments on your twitter acount, but abuse me here accusing me of stalking you, for responding to your comment on a blog which mentions me by name.

No sense of irony or self awareness at all?

Keep it up. You give everyone, Tory, Labour and Monster Raving Looney a good laugh.