Monday, 24 October 2011

I've cracked the One Barnet puzzle !!!!

After months of trying to work out what OneBarnet meant, when the plan is all about taking a single entity council and smashing it into lots of tiny little privatised bits, all glued together by highly expensive legal contracts and overseen by armies of private consultants on £1,500 - £2,000 a day. Why is a project to shatter a service into smithereens called "One Barnet"?

Well it suddenly became clear when I saw this website - Regular readers of this blog will know that Barnet Council is currently presiding over huge developments, build massive tower blocks all over Barnet. The jewel in the crown of this plan is the Brent Cross/Cricklewood redevelopment, building massive cell block flats in an area already overrun with traffic on the North Circular.

You see on this website we have Barnet Councillor and Cabinet Member Robert Rams commenting on a development in Enfield, that will affect his ward adversely with overdevelopment
This development will have a huge impact on our residents in East Barnet. These proposed tower blocks are not in keeping with our community and will put a huge strain on our services and roads.
Rams doesn't care about Barnet residents in the West of the Borough having to put up with overdevelopments, tower blocks not in keeping with the area or the huge strain on services and roads. As a cabinet member he voted for it. It is clear however that different rules apply when the development affects his patch. I have realised that One Barnet is an abbreviation for

ONE rule in BARNET for us and another for everyone else !

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