Saturday, 1 October 2011

Matthew Offord MP Special : Six secrets to buying good cheese

Regular readers of this blog will know that one of our local MP Matthew Offords broken election promises was to bring a cheese shop to Mill Hill. For any locals who feel deprived of the opportunity to procure high quality cheese in Mill Hill, here is a very useful link, Six secrets to buying good cheese -

Maybe Matthew should have made a parliamentary visit to Cardiff last week to the great British Cheese festival to see if he could find any cheese purveyors looking for locations

Whilst Matthew has failed to get us a cheese shop, he has got us something far better for Mill Hill - his office in Bunns Lane, just round the corner from my studio. I hope he pops in with Max for a cup of tea. Maybe we could take the dogs out for a walk over Arrendene one day.

And on a more serious note, I'm pleased to say that Matthew is promoting the benefits of Crossrail to people in Mill Hill and Hendon - - many of his colleagues in Barnet have selfishly moaned that Barnet is paying and receiving no benefits. A round of applause to Matthew for talking some sense.

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baarnett said...

The latest newsletter about Tottenham Court Road is HERE.

They are apparently including space for a Crossrail 2 line there as well. They have considered converting the current High Barnet branch into one arm of that, because it used to take full-size trains.

No doubt Mr Offord will want to run soup trains during the night on the new lines. to replenish the city's supplies.