Wednesday, 5 October 2011

BARNETEYETV - Barnet residents forum - democracy in action

Here are a few highlights from last nights residents forum at the Greek Cypriot Community Centre. Sadly no Barnet Tory Councillors bothered to turn up to respond. If any would care to respond to the points raised, I'd be only too happy to post their responses.


Amanda said...

Holding it during Conservative Party Conference - hardly fair was it!

Rog T said...


You may be surprised to know that I raised this point during the meeting, when comments were made about the non attendance. You may be interested to note that Richard Cornelius stated "I couldn't make it and I wouldn't have come, even if I could".

I have spoken to the organisers and they have agreed to hold the next one at a time convenient for any Conservative Councillors or MP's if they wish to attend.

Mrs T said...

Shameful, typical Trotskyite tricks

Daniel Hope said...

Bloody swivel eyed trots.

Shouldn't knock it though. There is nowt wrong with the left, jumping on the Big Society bandwagon and having their own 'no cuts never ever ever' Convention.

Mrs (Mr?) T, I must pull you up though. You seem to have overlooked acknowledging the owner of the video on Mike Freer's blog.

Surely some oversight as we know what a staunch defender of property rights (intellectual and tangible) Mr Freer MP is.

Rog T said...

All Barneteye youtube clips are public domain and anyone is free to use. An acknoweldgement demonstrates a degree of politeness, but that is up to the individual. So feel free to use how you want, it really doesn't bother me, much as being called names doesn't either.

What does worry me is how Barnet Tories all like to shout their mouths off about everything, but as soon as someone disagrees they block them on twitter, don't print their blog comments or get the local paper to shut down their blogs.

Doesn't happen on this blog (unless you insult my Fathers war record)