Friday, 14 October 2011

Labour MP's dog bites Hendon MP Matthew Offord

The alarm clock went off at 6.40am and the radio came on to BBC 94.9. Guess who was being interviewed? None other than our very own MP Matthew Offord. He was discussing how his pup Max had come third in the MP's dog of the year show. Matthew tells us that they talk often, but it's a pretty one way conversation (He didn't say which way). He then revealed that Labour MP John Cruddas dog had bitten him during the show. Fortunately the commando training Matthew has been undertaking recently has paid off and he wasn't too upset. It seems John Cruddas dog was rather keen to get hold of a bit of liver Matthew had in his pocket for Max (Note to pickpockets : Give Matthew a wide berth). Matthew was trying to promote chipping of dogs, which is something I agree totally with him about.

I have noticed a change in Matthew of late. As an MP he made a bit of a shaky start, but since he's let Max run his pr, he certainly seems to be doing much better. All I can suggest is that he gets Max to sire a few pups and maybe he could let Brian Coleman have one. From what I've just heard, he's going to need some good publicity very soon - watch this space.


button55 said...

Never mind,when Commander Manuel looses his seat he could always get a job at Battersea dogs home he will feel at home there...Ummm maybe not on an after thought that would be animal cruelty would it not ??.

baarnett said...

I understand Max has had some business cards printed, showing the Parliament portcullis logo, and stating "Adviser to Mr Belize Souperman Offord MP".

After exposure in the Daily Mirror this morning, Mr Offord has promised not to take Max to the local park every morning and put his unwanted waste in a park bin.

A spokesman for the MP said last night: "Mr Offord does some of his ­dog walking in the park before going in to work and sometimes disposes of 'unwanted material' there.

None of it of a sensitive nature."

Max could not be contacted for comment.

baarnett said...

"Defence Secretary Liam Fox has resigned after a week of pressure over his working relationship with friend and self-styled adviser Adam Werritty.

Mr Fox's replacement is expected to be named imminently. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond and International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell have been touted as possible successors."

If Hammond gets it, Theresa will probably be in Cabinet!

Which would make, for Barnet, one high-flier and two no-bodies.

baarnett said...

Oh, it's Justine Greening.

Still, it's an extra woman in the cabinet.