Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cancer Research UK - Shine London Nigh Time Walking Mararthon - Job Done

Clare will post a full update on the marathon when she's awake and with it. She left home at 5pm last night and got back at 8am this morning, having completed the 26 mile course. She's now having a much needed sleep. We initially set a target of raising £200. With gift aid, so far we're up to £487.19 a truly fantastic total. Thanks to everyone who sponsored her. If you haven't but would like to, please click here

Whilst on the subject of charity appeals, I received the following Email. I'm always happy to help out good causes. Please help Charles if you can :-

The Friends of Highlands Gardens, in New Barnet near the Odeon, have applied for a grant from NatWest bank's Community Force fund to set up a tree trail, and we were wondering if you could mention us on your blog please?  We only get the money if enough people vote for us, and we would like to let the people of Barnet know about it.  All the details are at or

Highlands Gardens has some rather unusual trees which we think people would like to know more about.  We have already prepared the artwork for plaques, and just need some funds to get them made into permanent signs.  There's a sample for the Black Walnut on the NatWest web site.

I do understand that your blog is more about politics, but I thought it was worth asking.


Charles Wicksteed
Abbotts Road, New Barnet

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