Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Barnet Eye Exposes who Councillor Brian Coleman and his Tory chums do help with housing !

The Evening Standard has picked up on the story first blogged here, about the single mother who was told to "live in the real world" by Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman, when she asked him for advice and help in relation to a problem with her housing.

So you may ask, who does Councillor Coleman and his Barnet Tory chums think should be given financial assistance when it comes to housing. That's an easy one. His good friend and protege Councillor Tom Davey has just signed off a delegated powers report to give up to £100,000 as "LANDORD CASH INCENTIVES". You've got that? Barnet Tory Councillors won't help single mothers with special needs, but they will give people who can afford to own property "CASH INCENTIVES" to make even more money.

Scroll to page 11 of this document if you don't believe me.

And just in case you think I'm an evil, disturbed blogger who made it up, because it is so ridiculous, here is the link to the same document on the Council website :-

Funny how they can't be bothered to help the poor, but cash is no problem for rich property owners.

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