Monday, 24 October 2011

Which Barnet Tory is on the naughty step this week

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Just to remind certain well known Ex Barnet Tory Councillors
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Oh dear, time for yet another Tory Councillor to be hauled before the Standards sub committee. As is the way with Barnet Council, they like to do these things in secret. Here's the link to all the paperwork, but sadly because it's in secret, there is no paperwork other than a message to say "It's not open to the public"

So who's been a naughty boy? Well it could be Councillor John Hart, who is up before the beak for making "allegedly" racist comments to a local resident at the Hendon & District local residents forum (the alleged comment was made in front of 30 people, sadly they won't get to hear the verdict of the panel if it's him). The Barnet Eye has learned from friends of Councillor Hart that his defence is as follows.

"Being a multi lungualist and retired professor of language at Middlesex University, I have found that the best way to strike up a rapport with our friends from the colonies is to put on a stupid accent and take the piss out of them in front of a crowded room. They love it when I do this, as it reminds of the days of the raj, when the British were the much loved rulers of the subcontinent. The only reason this woman complained is because, like all Labour supporters, she's had her sense of humour surgically removed"

Of course, the Barnet Eye has not been privy to the good councillors defence, so I'm not 100% sure that this is the exact wording used, but this is more or less what he's told his friends that his defence is. I'm no sure if being completely out of touch with reality is really a valid defence in a court of law, but then he's not before a court of law, he's before the Barnet Council Standards sub committee, isn't he.

Of course it could always be that it's not Councillor Hart. It could be that it's Councillor Brian Coleman. The Barnet Eye is not sure exactly how many people Councillor Coleman has sent rude emails to recently or how many have reported him to the Standards Committee, or even how far the process has got, but we have had reports that a member of the Standards Sub Committee (one of the independent members, not a councillor) was reported as saying "not all this again" in response to Colemans latest faux pas.

My advice to the committee is to impose the maximum punishment possible. Then Barnet Councillors may start behaving themselves and the committee will have far less work to do. In the long run, it will be better for everyone, not least our Tory Councillors, who might actually start doing their job properly. This will only make them more, not  less popular.


baarnett said...

There are independents on the Standards Committee, then?

How are they appointed?

Anonymous said...

And you know this is Conservative rather than a Liberal Democrat or Labour Councillor, how?

Anonymous said...

@baarnett The 'Independent' members are hand chosen, and effectively dismissed, by Mr Jeff Lustig and Mr Nick Walkley (then rubber stamped by the Council)

Moaneybat said...

Councillor Hhart does the funny Indian accent,because he is a multi-liguast? Why did he not speak in Hindi or Urdu? It's not necessary that he spaek any of the approximately 400 languages from South Asia.

This areshole was a lecturer at Middlesex University where, the substantial income is from Asian students who speak better English than himself. Yet another proverbial white Tory being insulting to the people whom are keeping hs beloved UK employed

Rog T said...

Dear Ex Councillor who was deselected,

I know because unlike you, people talk to me. Of course it is an educated guess, because I happen to know those two have outstanding standards investigations. If you actually know of any investigations into Lib Dem or Labour members you could always inform us here, or are you just trying to besmirch people and muddy the waters around your own mates who can't behave themselves.

For the rest of the worlds benefit, deselected, ex Barnet Tory Councillor Hope banned me from his twitter feed for daring to question his blatherings, but feels perfectly happy turning up here and boring the rest of us.

I suppose he'll now moan that I've left a comment about him in a reply on my own blog

baarnett said...

I took DH's comment as quite innocent!

Rog T said...

I happen to think these things should be dealt with openly. In Barnet it's all swept under the carpet and fixed" behind closed doors". Hope is implying that other councillors are being investigated. If he knows of any, he should name and shame them. I'm sure he knows all about the Hart and the Coleman cases, yet he declines to comment, other than to imply that Lab & LD are just as bad

Rog T said...

Hope made a big thing of talking about openness and transparency, but he won't even let people who he disagrees with see his twitter feed! He's a typical OneBarnet Tory (ie one rule for us and another for everyone else).

Anonymous said...

If you knew who it was have the balls to publish and be damned. If, as I suspect, you don't have a clue don't be so lax to just smear the Conservative Party as you don't like it.

Sloppy and cheap.

Those who have seen your, (drunken?) abusive outbursts on twitter, all late and night, personal and with a stalkishness about them will know why they are no longer tolerated.

I am the last of a long line of people not prepared to put up with your spitefulness. On that point I think I shalln't bother commenting on your hate-blog any longer.

Rog T said...

Dear Deselected Ex Councillor,

Comment/Don't comment as you see fit, I really couldn't care less. You are a complete hypocrite given the abuse you pour on people. You are at it again, here on my blog calling me a drunk. I'll add that to the long list of other insults you've hurled. The truth is that you just don't like it when people point out that you talk complete nonsense.

I'm quite glad that I don't have to read your vicious, narrow minded, mean spirited twitterings anymore, except for the odd occasion when they are retweeted.

I think you'll find that I'm on the money with this. Are you saying that John Hart and Brian Coleman aren't under investigation, or are you criticising me for not blogging cases I'm unaware of?

As for Hart & Coleman's cases. I'm sure in the fullness of time you will know all about these cases. I doubt that you'll apologise for yet again insulting me when the truth comes out, because you are not like that, are you?

Rog T said...

Just to remind a certain Ex Councillor -