Friday, 21 October 2011

Brian Coleman and the rudeness of W*nk*rs and the Queen of Barnet Bloggers

Tonight I am deeply happy. Why? You may ask? Well I found something that made me laugh. No, not a Friday joke, something even funnier. Let me explain. My 16 year old daughter is addicted to Big Brother, so I get dispatched to the kitchen to "play with my blog" when it starts at 9pm. So I'm staring at the screen, bored out of my mind and I think "I know, I'll see what media coverage there has been about the Brian Coleman rude email case" where he insulted Sharada Osman. So I google Sharada Osman. And guess what I find? I find that Sharada is a Barnet Blogger !!!! Not only that, but she was a Barnet Blogger before I was a Barnet Blogger. In fact she was just about the first Barnet Blogger. Sadly and rather bizarrely, the Queen of Barnet blogging stopped blogging 2 days after I started the Barnet Eye blog. Her last post was on 13th October 2008.

And you know what, she is a great blogger ! But that isn't what made me smile. What made me smile was the fact that her blog contained an almost prophetic post.  I wonder if Brian Coleman, having come unstuck in 2009 for insulting one Barnet blogger (Me), would have been quite so rude, had he known he was slagging off the queen of Barnet blogging.  So what is this prophetic blog, I am talking about. It seems to me that her blog post was written in unknowing anticipation that Brian Coleman would cross her path !

It was written on the 12th July 2008 and the title - wait for it - The Rudeness of Wankers. You can read this in it's full glory here -

But let me quote this choice sentence, with which Sharada signs off :-

Don't let the wankers get away with it. We deserve more. COMPLAIN.

And if that doesn't make you smile, in light of the fate that befell Brian Coleman when he reverted to type in replying to Sharada, then I'm sorry my friend, but you have a heart of stone. Sharada, get back blogging ASAP.

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baarnett said...

The Famous SIX bloggers of Barnet?

(Plus Mr Offord's dog, Max, of course.)