Thursday, 13 October 2011

Barnet Council Libraries Update : Robert Rams is at it again !

What is the matter with Councillor Robert Ramsbottom? Why is it that every time he opens his mouth on the subject of Barnets libraries he says something completely stupid? Even stranger is the fact that his boss Councillor Richard III Cornelius hasn't sacked him. Surely you should have someone who understands their brief doing the cabinet job. On Tuesday this press release appeared on Barnet Council's website :-

Let me quote this to you :-
Cabinet Member for Customer Access and Partnerships, Councillor Robert Rams, said: “Here in Barnet, following significant investment, our libraries have become more than just places to store books.
It just demonstrates the fact that when it comes to libraries, Rams just doesn't get it. If he thinks libraries are or have ever been "just places to store books" then he is an idiot. Libraries are a place which you borrow books from, read in and study in. They are a place where people learn. Many people would not have the qualifications they have or the jobs they have without our libraries. For over a year now, people in Barnet have been campaigning against library closures. The campaign managed to persuade the local Tories (no mean feat) to abandon their mass closure scheme. We had a model campaign and picketed Rams at his council surgery at East Barnet library. Sadly he decided that he could get away with closing Friern Barnet library and Garden Suburb library. The locals don't like it and have been running a very effective campaign. and have organised an event this Saturday 15 October at 2pm on the green beside the Friern Barnet library. Join them for family fun including apple bobbing, pumpkin faces and leaf bookmarks. More details on the Save Friern Barnet Library blog.

Rams criticises other authorities for closing libraries, this is pure hypocracy whilst he's doing the same thing


Mrs Angry said...

'just places to store books'?
Rams: have you ever read a book, other than by Enid Blyton? (Try rereading the Famous Five ...)
If only we had someone in charge of libraries who understood the value and pleasure of reading, and who had a love of literature, and culture, and the arts. Putting Rams in charge of these areas is like putting Katie Price in charge of the Bank of England. Actually ...

button55 said...

I`m convinced that he was bullied on the playground and grew up to be a bitter twisted little man on a revenge mission.. Poor lad he needs help.

baarnett said...

Enid Blyton's "The Famous Five and the Mystery of the Vacuous Councillor"